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How To Deal With The Price Objection

Aug 07, 2021

Ever feel you've done the 'hard work' of getting in front of a potential client...

...only for things to fall apart when it comes to discussion of price?

This should help you...

One of my clients - let's call him John - had struggled with the price objection.

So I asked John what went through his mind when he heard the price objection.

He told me honestly, ‘panic!’

So I asked him: ‘what do you fear they’re saying to you when you hear the price objection, John?’

What John said next was very interesting...

...see if you recognise this, OK?

He said ‘well, if I’m honest, I suppose I think:

  • They don’t think I’m worth it
  • They think I’m overpriced
  • They must think I’m greedy
  • And therefore, the only solution is to drop my price!’

I said, ‘I understand that. But actually you’re mind-reading.’

‘The thing about price objections like "the price is too high" is you will hear them for any number of...

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Escaping the Cult

Aug 03, 2021

Ever spent days, weeks, months setting up a complex ‘sales funnel...’

...that flopped, but you aren't quite sure why?

The answer may lie in the story of the ‘cargo cults…’

After the second world war, Melanesian islanders formed what became known as ‘cargo cults’ near abandoned US military airstrips.

The islanders thought if they only copied the same ‘rituals’ they’d seen American troops performing on these airstrips, valuable planes and cargo must arrive.

So they’d march up and down, dressed in improvised uniforms.

Holding wooden rifles. Performing parade ground drills.

Of course, despite going through the motions, nothing happened.

No planes. No cargo.

Kinda like what can happen with 'funnels...'

If you just copy what a high-profile marketer does, you will often wind up disappointed.

It's not because you didn't go through the right 'motions.' 

It's because you don’t have the same assets as them:

• the skill,...

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The Guns 'N' Roses School of List Building

Jul 12, 2021

The secret behind Guns 'N' Roses’ success?

Great music? Controversy? A palpable frisson of danger?

Nah. List building...

As bassist Duff McKagan reveals:

"As soon as Guns began to play regularly in LA, we started up a phone and mailing list.

We obsessively made sure people who came to shows signed up – well, actually, what we did was send stripper friends out into the audience and have them convince people to sign up.

Obviously we had to write good songs and play well live to get a bigger audience… but the mailing list really worked for us – within six months we had a thousand names with contact info for each.

Other bands had mailing lists, but one of the secrets to GNR’s success was how much time and effort we spent building and maintaining ours…

We were relentless about calling the names on our list.

At first we had to hustle really hard… but we grew our fan base faster as a result; as our mailing list expanded, it was easier...

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3 Steps To Make Your Business Worth More And Enjoy Complete Peace Of Mind, with Christine Nicholson

May 11, 2021

UPDATE: I recently moved to Kajabi podcasts - please click here to listen to this episode

Like death and taxes, a stone cold certainty as a business owner is that some day, you'll leave your business... and you can't always know when.

If you don't plan your exit, bad things happen: for you, for your family, for your clients, for your employees, for your suppliers. For society, in fact...

Luckily, in the the new episode of the Growth Moves podcast, Christine Nicholson is on hand to explain her 3 Steps To Make Your Business Worth More - And Have Complete Peace Of Mind.

Christine is an author, speaker and award-winning Professional Business Mentor who works with business owners in technology, engineering or product or services businesses turning over £1m or more. She was UK Business Mentor of the Year 2020 and a Global Top 50 Woman in Accounting and you may have seen her on the BBC talking about business...

Listen in now, and also finally...

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How To Make Online Events Even BETTER Than In-Person Events, with Judy Rees

Feb 11, 2021

UPDATE: I recently moved to Kajabi podcasts - please click here to listen to this episode

Like it or not, almost all of us are doing more webinars, online meetings, calls, and events than we did a year ago - but the problem is, most online events are really BAD... boring, unengaging, uninspiring and rarely delivering from a business perspective, either.

Luckily, online events expert Judy Rees is here in the newest Growth Moves podcast to show you how to do online events that don't just work - but actually work BETTER than your offline events!

Sounds impossible? Listen in and with Judy's innovative approach you'll see it's not... 

Named a ‘Top 100 influencer in Remote Working’ by Onalytica, Judy was an early adopter of remote facilitation as she trained international groups on high-level communication skills for leaders. She designs and facilitates online events that engage and connect people, building and maintaining professional relationships even when...

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The Gentle Marketing Revolution, with Sarah Santacroce

Jan 30, 2021

UPDATE: I recently moved to Kajabi podcasts - please click here to listen to this episode

If you've ever told yourself you 'hate marketing' or felt uneasy with some of the tactics you see used online, Sarah Santacroce is right up your strasse...

Fed up with hard-selling, 'value-stacking' marketing tactics that felt  grubby to her, Sarah decided it was time the current marketing paradigm changed.

She's all about marketing effectively, but bringing much-needed empathy and kindness to the whole process… she calls it The Gentle Business Revolution and is author of the new book The Gentle Marketing Revolution: Grow your business your way, with integrity and kindness.

Listen in to the brand new Growth Moves podcast to hear how you can join the Gentle Marketing Revolution, discover Sarah's 7 Ps of marketing with integrity and kindness, and much more...

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Trump's Accidental Marketing Lesson For Us All

Jan 12, 2021

If you thought 2020 'a bit strange...'

...we just seem to be getting crazier still, and - leaving aside the rights and wrongs...

...or how you may feel about the man himself...

...amidst it all, there was a BIG marketing lesson last week, and we're ALL at risk if we don't grasp it.

Take 4 minutes to understand what it was, and what you must do now to protect yourself, in my brand new Growth Moves podcast...

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The 4 Key Questions To Grow Your Top Line, with Cliff Farrah

Nov 18, 2020

Cliff Farrah is President, CEO and Chairman of The Beacon Group and a pioneer in the field of growth strategy consulting.

In this episode of the Growth Moves podcast Cliff talks to Rob about the four key questions to growing the top line that his firm uses as the first step in over 1500 client engagements over 20 years, with some of the world’s most successful companies.




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7 Steps To Systemise Your Sales & Marketing, with Gareth Everson of Connectably

Oct 30, 2020

The promise of technology for most consultants, coaches and services businesses rarely pays off, in large part because they lack the kind of intelligent strategy my guest Gareth Everson shares in this show...

Gareth explains why, unless you have one of three outcomes at the end of every client engagement, you've got a problem.

Gareth founded software company Connectably to help business owners who aren't naturally "software people" to systemise processes, understand marketing technologies, improve client experiences, get paid their true worth and increase their business' value.

We talk hot tubs, party-loving alcoholics (are there any other kind?)... and the Yes/No Game makes its debut!

Listen in to understand the strategy then get Gareth's one-pager here.

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How To Win With Email Newsletters: The 3 Pillars, with Nathan Littleton

Oct 25, 2020

We've been hearing for 20 years that email marketing is on its way out... and it's still nonsense! Running your own, opt-in email newsletter - even if 'newsletter' is not what you call it - is still priority number 1 in my eyes.

But how do you get subscribers?

What should you send them, and how often?

And finally, how do you generate business with your email newsletter?

My guest on the latest Growth Moves podcast episode is Nathan Littleton, who sends over one million emails every year on behalf of his clients ranging from small accountancy firms to international franchises, and in this show he shares his three essential pillars for winning with email newsletters. Including:

  • Why email is still #1, even if you think you get so many emails it 'can't work'
  • Email threats and downsides as we go into 2021
  • The best strategies for adding subscribers and building your email list
  • Should you ever add people to your list without consent - if they give you a business card, say?
  • How...
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