The Gentle Marketing Revolution, with Sarah Santacroce

Sarah Santacroce is a specialist in hard sellin', "value-stackin'," high pressure sales tactics you can exploit to close every sale, dominate your market, crush your competitors into the dust and make tons of cash - just kidding… she’s the opposite of all that!

In fact, Sarah wants to change the current marketing paradigm - and if you've ever told yourself you 'hate marketing' or felt uneasy with some of the tactics used, she's right up your strasse.

Sarah is all about marketing effectively, but bringing more empathy and kindness to the whole process… she calls it The Gentle Business Revolution and she's author of the new book 'The Gentle Marketing Revolution: Grow your business your way, with integrity and kindness.'

Listen in to hear how you can join the Gentle Marketing Revolution and discover the 7 Ps of marketing with integrity and kindness... then get more from Sarah at:


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