Escaping the Cult

Ever spent days, weeks, months setting up a complex ‘sales funnel...’

...that flopped, but you aren't quite sure why?

The answer may lie in the story of the ‘cargo cults…’

After the second world war, Melanesian islanders formed what became known as ‘cargo cults’ near abandoned US military airstrips.

The islanders thought if they only copied the same ‘rituals’ they’d seen American troops performing on these airstrips, valuable planes and cargo must arrive.

So they’d march up and down, dressed in improvised uniforms.

Holding wooden rifles. Performing parade ground drills.

Of course, despite going through the motions, nothing happened.

No planes. No cargo.

Kinda like what can happen with 'funnels...'

If you just copy what a high-profile marketer does, you will often wind up disappointed.

It's not because you didn't go through the right 'motions.' 

It's because you don’t have the same assets as them:

• the skill, experience and resources to execute and optimise product creation and marketing automation to a very high level of competence

• the powerful brand

• the large existing following and knowhow to ‘mobilize’ it

For all these reasons and more, copying complex sales funnels is rarely a good place to start when launching your online course or training program.

Instead, you should probably be able to make your first sales using nothing more than a personal email account and phone.

If you’d like help doing it, check out the results I've helped others achieve and then get in touch and let me know what you're trying to achieve

From my HQ in the lush jungle of Papua New Guinea (OK: rainy London), I will let you know if I can likely help.

And how.



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