John Williams: "I've been having £20,000+ months with Rob's help..."

Hannah Martin: "£18,895 from my new program launch with Rob's help..."

Nadeem Mohammed & Chan Vekaria: "We made our first TWO sales in FOUR days..."

Ready to launch - or grow - a successful online business?

"Dear Rob, just a quick note to say a massive thank you. On Tuesday I took £4,000 in bookings in FOUR hours. I was stunned. My wife’s reeling. The reason: I came on your ‘Double Your Web Sales’ seminar. I listened and took action. (I’ve also tripled the number on my email list.) I also sold a handbook for £127 – which I used to give away! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Andrew Hall
Owner, Safeguarding in Schools (via email)

Vince Stevenson: "For the last two years, nearly every scheduled course has been a sellout..."

"In 2013 the business was ticking over ok but we'd been badly burnt by a Google algorithm change the previous year. We had put all our eggs in one basket and were exposed. I was trying desperately to keep an eye on the technological horizon, but that in itself is a full time job and I was busy in class most days. That's when we got Rob Tyson on board. We attended one of his seminars and everything we wanted fell into place soon after. Rob is an expert in digital marketing and growing businesses. We were impressed with his work as a copywriter, Google, Bing and Facebook campaigns. After a few meetings and visits from Rob to my classes so that he fully understood me and my business style, the growth has been exponential. The business has taken off and we're really flying now. If I have made one inspired decision in my business these last ten years, it would be hiring Rob Tyson to manage and develop our digital marketing."

Vince Stevenson
Co-Founder, The College of Public Speaking

"As an online media business, our distribution is obviously vitally important. We'd tried various ways to grow our email list before we engaged Rob, but felt like we'd hit a bit of a plateau, where our audience was churning but was otherwise pretty static. When Rob introduced his methods we grew our email list by 35,000 subscribers in a few months, and counting. We've actually picked up in excess of 3,000 new subscribers per day on occasion. And this was 99% just from making better use of our existing traffic, by improving conversion rates, not ad spend."

Catherine Lamond
Managing Director, Nethouseprices

Ready to launch - or grow - a successful online business?

"Rob’s input and value-add is superb. His CV is clearly good, his generic material consistently impresses. But his hands-on work takes that to a new level. Thank you. "

Brian Dennehy

"Good teachers will teach you what they’ve been taught. Great teachers will teach you what they’ve OBSERVED, and that’s how I think of Rob. Rob isn’t just someone who reads peoples’ books and regurgitates stuff. He’s someone who is out there in the marketplace and he’s a thinker… he tests stuff… and he’s the real deal. He’s genuine."

Tom Poland
Author, Leadsology

"Rob comes with a fantastic pedigree. When I met him it was one of those moments… I wish someone had told me what he teaches years ago!"

Bryony Thomas
Founder, Watertight Marketing

"I’ve always hated marketing because most marketing methods I’ve tried have cost quite a lot of money and finished up with a negative rate of return. No doubt this is due to my almost perfect ignorance on the subject. For the first time, thanks to you, I’m beginning to see through the fog of my ignorance. Please keep up the terrific work! It’s sorely needed. "

Rob Cullum
Founder, Trendwatch Asset Management

"Having known Rob for a number of years, I can personally vouch for his encyclopaedic knowledge of online marketing products and services. His knowledge is matched with tenacity and commitment to clients."

Alan Green
Founder, Brand UK

"Rob is an online marketing specialist you should listen to. I am grateful for the ideas and advice that he has been able to share in his series of newsletters and online workshops. Rob knows what it takes to leverage the power of the Internet to build a business. We have already deployed many of his marketing tactics for our 70+ staff private equity firm in China, with great success."

Clark Zhang
Managing Director, PiYi Global Investment

"Rob really does know what he’s talking about!"

Nicky McCrudden
Managing Director, McCrudden Training

Ready to launch - or grow - a successful online business?


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