Fearless And Fun Selling via Email, with Natalie Phillips

Aug 12, 2020

Natalie Phillips is a big advocate for email marketing and the way it can be used to reclaim your time and grow your business. She has over a decade of email experience, managing email lists from zero to a million subscribers and in the new episode of the Growth Moves podcast, Natalie and I cover:

  • Email marketing - old hat or never better?
  • The general email marketing approach Natalie likes the best
  • What’s the best way to plan our email marketing campaigns?
  • Why is there fear, and how can we be fearless?
  • How can we be fun?
  • Should our emails come from us as individuals?
  • What should they LOOK like - graphics, or plain…?
  • How do we create a feeling of trust in our email marketing?
  • How do we strike the balance between helping, and selling? Can you give too much away?
  • Essential elements for fun and fearless email that makes sales
  • How often should we send email?
  • Should we worry about unsubscribes?
  • What benchmarks should we look for in our email marketing?
  • To...
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How to Host Your First Profitable Online Summit, with Krista Miller

Jun 09, 2020


Running your own online 'summit' or conference is not just a new income stream - it can also bring you tons of new leads, enhance your credibility and authority around your topic, and open up valuable new relationships with experts in your space.

So how do you get started, and ensure your first online summit is a profitable success?

Well, Krista Miller of Summit In A Box is an expert in exactly that, and she's here to tell me all about it!

Listen above or read the FULL TRANSCRIPT below, including: 

  • What's IS an ‘online summit?’
  • The different models of summit we can use - and the one Krista recommends you start with
  • As host, should you present a product or program of yours during the summit, or leave that for another time?
  • Should you allow your speakers to ‘pitch' at all, or is that a no-no?
  • How ‘big’ should we aim for our first summit?
  • How do we pick a good...
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The Power Of Story For Your Business with Ian Sanders

May 29, 2020

We are 'hard wired' to respond to story and if you're not actively using it in your marketing and business communications, you're achieving a fraction of the success you could be. Ian Sanders is an expert on this topic and it was my pleasure to pick his brains on it in the brand new Growth Moves podcast...

A creative consultant, storyteller, coach and author on a mission to get people energised about their work lives, Ian brings a fresh approach to spark change and inspire organisations, teams and individuals, and we talked about:

  • The key ingredient every story needs to make emotional impact - and why a lot of business 'stories' miss this out
  • Does the Coronavirus reaction prove that story trumps data?
  • The particular types of story that we should look for and create, because they tend to get attention
  • Why it’s vital to know your own personal story, and how that informs your business life
  • How to use your business, brand or organisation...
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You’re Leaking Profit! Here's How You Fix That, with Bryony Thomas

May 28, 2020

Ever feel you're thrashing around in a deathly struggle to fill your 'bucket' with new leads or traffic... driving yourself insane with the latest tactic or 'fix' of the day... but never getting the consistent marketing results you want?

The good news is, you aren't necessarily doing that stuff wrong...

Bryony Thomas says your real problem is simple: while you're focused on turning the 'taps' of demand, your actual profit is simply 'leaking' away, and in the brand new Growth Moves podcast she explains what you should do about that....

Bryony is the creator of the award-winning Watertight Marketing methodology, captured in her best-selling book of the same name. With over a decade working with clients including Microsoft, Dell and Experian, Bryony set up her own consulting business focussed on helping scaling businesses put a sustainable sales-driving marketing operation in place. Her unique process has been refined over the last decade and used across more than...

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How To Grow After Covid By Playing A Different Game with Erik Luhrs

May 20, 2020

Erik Luhrs is known as the "Bruce Lee of Revenue Generation," and he is the creator of Revenue Kung-Fu. He works with Founders of SaaS and Expert-Service companies to unlock the growth potential in their business, while unlocking their own potential. In this episode of the Growth Moves podcast, Rob talks to Erik about How You Can Grow Revenue Even Bigger & Better After Covid... By Playing A Different Game...

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3 Steps To Cut Through The Noise And Build REAL Connection On Social Media with Julia Bramble

May 20, 2020

Anyone can add to the noise on social media platforms by pumping out content... but actually cutting through the noise and creating a real connection with individuals is where the value is... and it's much harder to do.

Luckily, Julia Bramble, unique combination of PhD forensic scientist, empathic communicator and spectacularly popular presenter is here with Rob to explain the 3 steps to cutting through and building REAL connection with your audience...

(Automated so please excuse any little errors!)

Rob Tyson 0:03
Welcome back listener Rob Tyson here and in the last episode, I was talking to Ian Anderson Gray about the three steps to start and be successful with live video on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. So be sure to catch up on that one. If you missed it. It was a really good one. And I'm here today with Julia Bramble. Now Julia is going to make it simple for you to get results from social media and online marketing. She is a unique combination of PhD forensic...

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3 Steps To Live Video Success On Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube with Ian Anderson Gray

May 19, 2020

Rob's guest for this episode of the Growth Moves podcast is Ian Anderson Gray, the king of live video.

Listen to discover how you can create loads more impact, authority and profit with the power of confident live video on the big, high traffic platforms where your prospects hang out: Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube…


Rob Tyson: Welcome back listener. Rob Tyson here. Now, in the last episode, I talked to B2B lead generation expert Sarah Hughes about four free ways to generate B2B leads in lockdown and beyond. So, be sure to catch up on that if you missed it. But I'm here today with Ian Anderson Gray. Now, Ian, I call the king of live video, and he helps entrepreneurs create loads more impact, authority and profits through the power of confident live video. You may have seen Ian around actually. He is an in-demand speaker and he speaks at events like Social Media Marketing World in the U.S., Content Marketing World, New Media Europe. So, he is a great person to have...

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4 FREE Ways to Generate B2B Leads in Lockdown AND Beyond with Sarah Hughes

Apr 28, 2020

At the time of recording this episode of the Growth Moves podcast we’re under ‘house arrest’ due to coronavirus but these are strategies you can use to generate B2B leads well beyond that...

My guest Sarah Hughes is regarded as the B2B Lead Generation Expert, with a specific focus on LinkedIn, and in this show she shares 4 FREE Ways to Generate B2B Leads in Lockdown AND Beyond…

Listen in or read the automated TRANSCRIPT, courtesy of Otter, below:

Rob Tyson
Welcome back listener Rob Tyson here and in the last episode, I talked to deliverability expert Adrian Savage about how to double your email open rates in four steps. So you must catch up on that one. If you missed it. It was really good. But I'm here today with Sarah Hughes. Now Sarah is regarded as the b2b lead generation expert with a specific focus on LinkedIn. And in this show, she's going to be sharing four free ways to generate b2b leads in lockdown and beyond because at the time of...

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Double Your Email Open Rates in 4 Key Steps with 'Mr Deliverability' Adrian Savage

Apr 26, 2020

Email marketing is STILL the most powerful online marketing channel but ONLY if our emails are getting read and step 1 in that is getting them delivered...

Adrian Savage is an expert in email deliverability, founder of Deliverability Dashboard and all about helping you avoid the Spam folder and win the email race to the Inbox. Including:

  • What is ‘deliverability’ - what does it mean?
  • What’s an average open rate - and what’s possible when we work on our deliverability?
  • How important your email platform is...
  • Plus: the one platform Adrian 'wouldn't touch with a bargepole'
  • If our deliverability is poor, is that a good reason to move platforms?
  • What happens if we do nothing?
  • The point after which you should NEVER email a subscriber
  • Why subscribers who join your list but don't engage for 14 days need to be dealt with promptly too
  • How long until we can expect results from our deliverability activities
  • The 4 key steps to get twice as many people reading your...
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Lead Generation via Partnerships: The 5 Mistakes To Avoid with Dave Plunkett

Apr 22, 2020

Dave Plunkett is a partnership expert with 20 years' experience working in the membership space and a partnership director at LuMilona. In this episode of the Growth Moves podcast Rob talks to Dave about the top 5 mistakes stopping you from running a perfect partner program for lead generation - and how to overcome them...

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