Fearless And Fun Selling via Email, with Natalie Phillips

Aug 12, 2020

Natalie Phillips is a big advocate for email marketing and the way it can be used to reclaim your time and grow your business. She has over a decade of email experience, managing email lists from zero to a million subscribers and in the new episode of the Growth Moves podcast, Natalie and I cover:

  • Email marketing - old hat or never better?
  • The general email marketing approach Natalie likes the best
  • What’s the best way to plan our email marketing campaigns?
  • Why is there fear, and how can we be fearless?
  • How can we be fun?
  • Should our emails come from us as individuals?
  • What should they LOOK like - graphics, or plain…?
  • How do we create a feeling of trust in our email marketing?
  • How do we strike the balance between helping, and selling? Can you give too much away?
  • Essential elements for fun and fearless email that makes sales
  • How often should we send email?
  • Should we worry about unsubscribes?
  • What benchmarks should we look for in our email marketing?
  • To what extent can / should we automate our email marketing?
  • Natalie's favourite tools for email marketing

Listen in now and discover simple ideas to up your email marketing game, then get Natalie's free email content planner.


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