The Power Of Story For Your Business with Ian Sanders

May 29, 2020

We are 'hard wired' to respond to story and if you're not actively using it in your marketing and business communications, you're achieving a fraction of the success you could be. Ian Sanders is an expert on this topic and it was my pleasure to pick his brains on it in the brand new Growth Moves podcast...

A creative consultant, storyteller, coach and author on a mission to get people energised about their work lives, Ian brings a fresh approach to spark change and inspire organisations, teams and individuals, and we talked about:

  • The key ingredient every story needs to make emotional impact - and why a lot of business 'stories' miss this out
  • Does the Coronavirus reaction prove that story trumps data?
  • The particular types of story that we should look for and create, because they tend to get attention
  • Why it’s vital to know your own personal story, and how that informs your business life
  • How to use your business, brand or organisation story as your fuel for growth and keep you authentic to your mission and purpose
  • Should we use set structures for our stories? What about ‘artistic licence?’
  • Practical things you can do get into the 'storyteller' mindset - even if it feels unnatural or uncomfortable to you right now

Listen in above now - it's a great conversation you will get mucho from...


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