How To Win With Email Newsletters: The 3 Pillars, with Nathan Littleton

We've been hearing for 20 years that email marketing is on its way out... and it's still nonsense! Running your own, opt-in email newsletter - even if 'newsletter' is not what you call it - is still priority number 1 in my eyes.

But how do you get subscribers?

What should you send them, and how often?

And finally, how do you generate business with your email newsletter?

My guest on the latest Growth Moves podcast episode is Nathan Littleton, who sends over one million emails every year on behalf of his clients ranging from small accountancy firms to international franchises, and in this show he shares his three essential pillars for winning with email newsletters. Including:

  • Why email is still #1, even if you think you get so many emails it 'can't work'
  • Email threats and downsides as we go into 2021
  • The best strategies for adding subscribers and building your email list
  • Should you ever add people to your list without consent - if they give you a business card, say?
  • How often should we email our list?
  • What content should our emails contain?
  • Can you give too much 'good stuff' away in your emails?
  • How much overt ‘selling’ Nathan recommends in your emails
  • Ways to create content fast
  • On a practical level, how to generate consulting work from your email newsletter
  • About Nathan's favourite email platform, ActiveCampaign

This was a really good conversation - listen in now to hear it all... 



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