The Gentle Marketing Revolution, with Sarah Santacroce

UPDATE: I recently moved to Kajabi podcasts - please click here to listen to this episode

If you've ever told yourself you 'hate marketing' or felt uneasy with some of the tactics you see used online, Sarah Santacroce is right up your strasse...

Fed up with hard-selling, 'value-stacking' marketing tactics that felt  grubby to her, Sarah decided it was time the current marketing paradigm changed.

She's all about marketing effectively, but bringing much-needed empathy and kindness to the whole process… she calls it The Gentle Business Revolution and is author of the new book The Gentle Marketing Revolution: Grow your business your way, with integrity and kindness.

Listen in to the brand new Growth Moves podcast to hear how you can join the Gentle Marketing Revolution, discover Sarah's 7 Ps of marketing with integrity and kindness, and much more...


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