How To Make Online Events Even BETTER Than In-Person Events, with Judy Rees

UPDATE: I recently moved to Kajabi podcasts - please click here to listen to this episode

Like it or not, almost all of us are doing more webinars, online meetings, calls, and events than we did a year ago - but the problem is, most online events are really BAD... boring, unengaging, uninspiring and rarely delivering from a business perspective, either.

Luckily, online events expert Judy Rees is here in the newest Growth Moves podcast to show you how to do online events that don't just work - but actually work BETTER than your offline events!

Sounds impossible? Listen in and with Judy's innovative approach you'll see it's not... 

Named a ‘Top 100 influencer in Remote Working’ by Onalytica, Judy was an early adopter of remote facilitation as she trained international groups on high-level communication skills for leaders. She designs and facilitates online events that engage and connect people, building and maintaining professional relationships even when people can't get together physically, and in this show we cover a lot of ground including:

  • The biggest misunderstandings that result in lousy online events
  • Why you should minimise slides as much as possible - and what you should do instead
  • A perfect format for an engaging 90 minute online event
  • How to use breakout sessions online and why these are so powerful
  • How to think about the key pre and post event periods
  • The best way to deliver content at your online events
  • The loudest animal in the world (bet you'll never guess!)

Listen in now and then get more from Judy at her website here:


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