The REAL Way To Grow Your Business With A Book, with Matt Rudnitsky

Matt Rudnitsky of Platypus Publishing helps entrepreneurs write unputdownable books that leave legacies, make an impact and get you noticed.

In this episode of Growth Moves, Rob Tyson talks to Matt about the best ways to use a book to grow your business in 2020, including:

  • They say everyone’s got a book in ‘em… but should everyone write a book? Who should? Who shouldn’t?
  • What’s the point of writing a book to grow your business? Book sale revenue…?
  • WHEN should you write a book? At what stage in your career?
  • The REAL Way To Grow Your Business With A Book: where your book should fit in your ‘funnel’
  • How to write a good book as opposed to just a business-card type book
  • How much does a ghostwriter actually DO? How much interaction with the ‘author’ is typical?
  • In a world of noise, how can we ‘cut through’ with our book?
  • How to motivate yourself to get it done - practical steps, ‘tricks’ and 'forcing functions'

Listen in to the show with Matt to learn all that and more...


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