7 Steps To Create A Strong Brand From Scratch with Emma Humphrey

Emma Humphrey is the founder of Genius Marketing, the award-winning creative agency that transforms brands and businesses into bigger, better versions of themselves, and is behind the 2020 Brand Survey which polled over 200 senior marketers for their opinions on brand

In this episode of the Growth Moves podcast, Emma explains to Rob the 7 steps to create a strong brand from scratch, including:

  • What IS a brand?
  • Drayton Bird said ’the best way to build a brand is to sell lots of things with your name on.’ Does Emma agree with that?
  • Why should we be thinking about our brand? Why is it valuable? How does having a strong brand help us?
  • What is 'Brand Positioning' - what does that mean?
  • How to research and test your brand ideas with your target market...
  • ...and make sure you don’t get a bum steer
  • How long term should our brand planning be? How granular? How is this different to a marketing or PR plan?
  • Brand Guidelines - what are these? What do they look like? How do you ensure they’re practical and used rather than stuck on a dusty shelf?
  • How to evolved your brand over time... and how to avoid OVERDOING this and confusing the market by chopping and changing...

It's all there for you! Listen now, enjoy and then rate us on Apple podcasts here :)


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