Leverage Club with Rob Tyson

Rob Tyson writes:

"Dear Trainer, Consultant, Adviser or Coach:

May I personally jump on a call with you every couple of weeks...

...supporting you every step of the way...

....and help you move your business to a LEVERAGED model, where you create PRODUCTS and SYSTEMS that allow you to have a bigger impact, and help more people in less time?

It all begins when you join me in Leverage Club via this page, and complete our House of Leverage Assessment, which you can download in full here:

>>> Download the House of Leverage Assessment here [no opt-in required]

Those are my 10 key questions right there (please, don't be upset if you score low... there is no shame being a 'work in progress'. Provided you ARE making progress, of course!)

All you need to do is score yourself on each one from 1-10, depending on how true each statement is for you right now, and return your completed scorecard to us.

I'll write back with a little personalised plan for you...

...and then I'll help you 'work the plan'...

...by providing the information, resources, and support you need to up your marketing game each week, via our 1 hour members-only video calls (which are very similar to being in a room with me and the other members - an absolute max of 24 other people at any time).

Now, that should sound like a pretty big deal, already.

But your own, personalised plan of action is just a fraction of what you get...

...when you join me and a small group of other entrepreneurs in Leverage Club:

1. Carefully selected, high-impact pieces of training content

Don't worry, I get it - no-one needs more information unless it serves a very specific purpose for them. 

So, we won't drown you in content to consume, but you will get selected key pieces including:

  • The fastest, easiest way to consistently generate regular 30% increases in income - from your existing sales and marketing activities – at no risk whatsoever
  • How to harness the cheapest source of online advertising out there – and boost your profile into the bargain
  • The Ultimate, 37 Point Acid Test For Your Direct Response Copy

2. Your marketing questions answered in the live fortnightly video call

In our live video call every 2 weeks, I’ll also answer your pre-submitted marketing questions, and at every call, one member will have the opportunity to…

3. Sit in the Leverage Club ‘Hotseat’ – and have me and the other members blow your meanest marketing challenges to smithereens!

The ‘hotseat’ is a powerful learning experience lasting about 30 minutes – just let me know if you want to go in and we’ll book your spot during one of the live calls.

4. Access recordings of ALL the LIVE Video Calls, 24/7

The weekly live video call happens at 3pm-4pm UK time every other Tuesday.

If you can’t make the calls live, you can watch and catch up any time, and...

5. Access the complete archive of previous calls, including topics such as:

  • Facebook Ads Tips
  • Membership Website Strategies
  • Boosting Webinar Showup
  • Copywriting for SEO
  • Headline Formulas
  • Flash Sales & Launches
  • 7 Ways To Write Great Bullets & Fascinations
  • Rapid Delegation Process
  • Lead Magnets in Minutes
  • Automated Webinars
  • The First 100 Days: Onboarding Strategies
  • List, Offer, Copy
  • 52 Headline Hacks
  • Joint Ventures Demystified
  • ...and much, much more - with  a new recording added each week!

So: join Leverage Club now, complete your House of Leverage Scorecard within the member area, and let’s get started...

I can't wait to welcome you!"


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