"Let Me Show You How To Build Your Own 'Marketing Machine' For Consistent Clients In Just 8 Days..." 

The Lead Lab is my online training programme with support, where I'll personally support you in going from scratch to online marketing funnel generating leads from Google and Facebook - including your own automated email follow-up system - in as little as 8 days...

You’ll learn a replicable process you can use again and again to generate leads from different segments of your market.

Look... without a consistent flow of the right enquiries into your business, life is no fun at all, is it?

You're up all night worrying about where the next client is coming from... or cursing the fact you've taken on clients you don't really want to work with, just to have the income.

Or maybe you're frantically struggling to cope with all the demand one minute... then staring at a sales pipeline as empty as an idiot's mind the next... you just want more consistency.

You know that some - or maybe all - of the answer is online marketing, and you've probably picked up quite a bit of knowledge about it, here and there.

The problem is often in 'connecting the dots' - making the technology work to get the results you need. And maybe in crafting a really compelling message too (because that can be hard for 'non-marketers').

But that's exactly what this training programme will solve for you.

It's based on everything I've learned in over 12 years working in online marketing, including consulting for businesses as well known as Barclays, MoneyWeek and Ledus, to the kinds of entrepreneur-led businesses with which I now specialise.

Does this stuff work?

Well, my previous business (an online publishing company) went from a 3-person bedroom startup to around £5m in annual revenue, and a listing on the London stock market, all in 5 years. NOT all my own work, I freely admit – and we made PLENTY of stupid mistakes too.

But I learned a thing or two in the process, as well... as you will, if you join me for The Lead Lab.

How does it work?

The Lead Lab is an online training programme of 8 modules, for you to consume at your own pace, plus support in my private client Facebook group to give you advice or help you through any snags.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to take 8 days, 8 weeks, or 8 months to do this - all the training is always available to you in the private member area of this website, to watch whenever you want.

What does it teach?

The 8 modules consist of:

  1. Overview: the 30,000 foot view - the big picture of a replicable process you can use to generate leads from different segments of your market, time and time again
  2. How to position your services as essential – and not just ‘nice to have'. Most small businesses never really bottom this out. As a result, it's too easy for potential clients to say 'no'. With a few simple exercises, you'll learn how to turn any perception that you're a 'nice to have' completely on it's head, and make prospects feel a sense of urgency about talking to you.
  3. How to easily create a powerful ‘lead magnet’ to generate maximum leads and pre-qualify buyers Hint: with lead magnets commonplace these days, the bar is higher than it used to be! This DOESN’T mean you need to create more content (quite the reverse, in fact…) – it does mean being able to find a truly compelling hook, and without help, that's not easy...
  4. How to set up your own high-converting landing pages - most people are overcomplicating this. There's a dead simple 3 part formula I'll show you that makes this a doddle.
  5. Setting up your CRM system and email marketing software - yes, we'll actually wrestle through the 'techy' issues with you. This is one area where my personal support can probably save you weeks if not MONTHS of frustration.
  6. Relationship building with automated emails - I'll show you a simple formula for writing punchy, effective emails that people actually ENJOY receiving, and that build your credibility and drive business into the bargain.
  7. Quick and dirty Facebook Ads - Facebook offers phenomenal targeting options, even if you're in B2B. You won't be bogged down with paralysing detail... rather, we'll get you up and running quick with a simple, extremely targeted lead generation campaign in 1-2 hours.
  8. Quick and dirty Google Adwords - again, we won't waste time on all the myriad features of Adwords; instead we'll focus on the single quickest way I know to pull ultra-targeted traffic from people who have an immediate NEED for your services from the world's largest search engine. This won't be an all-singing, all-dancing campaign, but you'll be set up and running in an hour or two.

In addition to the recorded training modules and support, you’ll get a small number of worksheets to help you complete each task, and templates to shortcut your progress.

What results can I expect?

If you follow the programme, then by the end of the 8 modules, you’ll go from scratch to having an online marketing funnel generating leads from Google and Facebook, including 3-6 high-quality, automated email follow-ups.

What support will I get?

As much as you need...

You’ll have the opportunity to schedule a private, 1-2-1 phone call with me, at my expense, to ensure you’re on the right track and to work through any problems.

In addition to that, you’ll be given access to a special private Facebook group solely for people in the programme to ask me questions.

You can post your questions here at any time of the day or night, as much as you want, and I’ll give you an answer usually within 24 hours Mon-Fri.

These might be technical or marketing questions, or both – whatever your issue, I will be on hand to help you. If we can’t resolve it there and then, we’ll jump on the phone together and fix it.

Is the programme compatible with my existing technology?

The programme is deliberately technology ‘agnostic’ – in other words, it doesn’t matter what you use, provided your technology supports basic features like the ability to send a stream of automated emails (most modern email software systems, such as Mailchimp, do).

We’ll recommend inexpensive tools and technology we like for CRM/email marketing and landing pages, but there’s no reason you can’t get the same results with any similar technology.

Who this programme will work best for:

  • Service based businesses
  • Higher value sales
  • Any business with an information/expertise component
  • Businesses who can invest at least a few hundred pounds/dollars into advertising OR who already get a reasonable flow of traffic to their website (if you want to generate leads from Google or Facebook, the way we show you, you will need to put some money into advertising)

Who this programme will work less well for:

  • Low-ticket product sales, e.g. crafts, apps
  • New businesses without already proven demand
  • Businesses with no way to fund any advertising or generate any traffic

How much time will it actually take me to do the work required?

I estimate 2-4 hours per module… so if you tackle one module per week, say, that's less than an hour a day.

Who else has used these methods and what results have they got?

Great question - here's feedback from just a few Lead Lab users and clients:

‘Rob Tyson is master of internet marketing – and his Lead Lab Training course opens up all the secrets of this hidden world!

The series of course modules explain how you can create your own marketing system and turn your web site into a valuable money making machine.

The Lead Lab course teaches you a simple step by step process to transform your marketing, which anyone can set up in a few days.

The mysteries of why your advertising has not worked in the past are revealed, together with clear directions on how your business can use the internet to gain real advantage.

Great value course with the potential to recoup your outlay back in weeks or days.

Highly recommend to any business owner needing to attract more customers, increase sales and boost profits.’

– Stephen Fenn, Owner, Fenn Utilities

'As an online media business, our distribution is obviously vitally important. We'd tried various ways to grow our email list before we engaged Rob, but felt like we'd hit a bit of a plateau, where our audience was churning but was otherwise pretty static.

When Rob introduced his methods we grew from about 160,000 to 195,000 subscribers in a few months, and counting. We've actually picked up in excess of 3,000 new subscribers per day on occasion! And this was 99% just from making better use of our existing traffic, by improving conversion rates, not ad spend.'

- Catherine Lamond, MD, Nethouseprices.com

'There is a lot of training available about online marketing but what sets Rob apart is that he understands where the small business owner is starting from and explains the subject in easy to understand terms, demystifying a lot of the hype and jargon.

For busy business owners this is invaluable.

We have been able to implement what Robert teaches straightaway which makes his courses great value for money.'

- Noel Guilford BA FCA, Guilford Accounting

I’m not located in the UK – can I still participate?

Of course – I have customers all over the world and the principles we’ll cover will work in any market.

You’ll still have access to all the benefits and support no matter where you are in the world.

Do the resources in the member area expire?

No – you have lifetime access to them.

Is the programme guaranteed?

Yes – show me you’ve followed the programme in good faith, and not got the results I’ve described, and of course I’ll refund you the cost of the training in full.

Does the investment include VAT?

Yes, it does include VAT - if you would like a VAT invoice in order to claim your VAT back, please just email us and we'll provide one.

How do I join, and what is the investment required for the training programme? 

To do this kind of work FOR clients in my consultancy business, in the past 12 months alone I've charged sums ranging from $8,000 - $50,000... which is great value, because these kinds of marketing funnels, once set up, can run and run, generating business for years.

Now, of course, by teaching students in a group, and by getting YOU to do the nuts and bolts while I'm on hand to guide you, I can bring the price right down.

However, the VALUE of learning these techniques is enormous. You're learning a long-lasting business SKILL that can have a fundamental impact on your business.

Plus, don't forget your guarantee: show me you’ve followed the programme in good faith, and not got the results I’ve described, and of course I’ll refund you the cost of the training in full.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside :)



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