Know Your "Money Type" To Make More, Keep More And Give More, with Olivia Stefanino

Money is a medium for life, says Olivia Stefanino, creator of the 'Money Types' emotional profiling system - and when we understand our emotional relationship with money, everything else in life suddenly starts to make sense too.

Olivia's system identifies SIX distinct "Money Types" - and when you know your own dominant Money Type, you'll find you have the new awareness to have more, keep more and give more, too.

Discover the six "Money Types" and start to identify yours in the brand new Growth Moves podcast with Olivia, including:

  • How your Money Type can sabotage your relationship with money
  • The 9 ‘money stories’ and how telling them to ourselves keeps us trapped 
  • Why we are the Money Type we are - and how to change out of damaging patterns
  • How to spot problems caused by your Type - and practical steps you can take to ‘manage’ it
  • Why certain occupations - like business owner - will tend to attract certain Types
  • Possible cultural dimensions to Money Types
  • Should we try and recognise the Type of our individual clients? How could doing so help us?
  • A few ‘tells’ that might give away someone else's Money Type

And much more - this was a great interview - listen in now... or read the transcript below.


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