Hi, I'm Rob Tyson and I can't wait to interview you on my "Growth Moves" podcast!

Growth Moves is a weekly interview/educational show focused on a core audience of business owners, decision makers and marketers, looking for the best strategies and tactics for business growth.

You share your advice, tips and insights on business growth through your speciality, showcasing your expertise... and I'll share the interview with my audience, including 80,000+ Twitter followers and 8,500+ LinkedIn connections.

You should be in safe hands: since 2013 I've hosted or co-hosted over 100 podcast episodes, interviewing guests like online marketing guru Neil Patel, Drip founder Rob Walling and REED Chairman James Reed.

Here's a recent episode of the show to listen to:

I want this to be a really good experience for you, so please review the following information, then book your interview time towards the bottom of the page...

1/4: Interview Format

We allocate one hour for the entire call, and the interview itself usually lasts around 30 minutes.

You can expect the call to go like this:

  1. We’ll talk a bit before hitting record to check your sound, and answer any questions you may have
  2. If we haven't already, we’ll also decide on an angle for the show
  3. We'll hit record
  4. I’ll open up the show, by saying a little bit about you, your expertise and the topic we’re covering, before I do a little promotional message for the listeners
  5. I'll then introduce you and we'll start to chat
  6. Relax - it’s a conversation
  7. Every show is different but typical questions might be along the lines of:
    • What’s the problem you solve?
    • Where (in what industry and/or situation) are the highest value applications or opportunities for your approach?
    • Why is this a big issue/opportunity RIGHT NOW?
    • What are the negatives/consequences when you have the problem you solve?
    • What are the positives/upsides when you fix it?
    • What are the biggest misconceptions people have about fixing the problem, before they come to you?
    • What do you know to be the REAL issue?
    • How did you discover YOUR particular approach to the problem?
    • What's the PROCESS you generally take clients through to solve the problem (at a high level so we can get the big picture)?
    • What are some of the best real life examples of using your approach (ideally your clients, or could be your own, or even a third party you’ve seen getting results)? What are the most important insights to take away?
    • Wrap up: a few minutes before the end, I'll probably ask you a couple of questions like:
      • If listeners only took one thing away from this conversation, what should it be?
      • Where is the best place for listeners to learn more about you? (This is your opportunity to promote your product/service, or freebie - please do so!)
  8. I’ll thank you for the interview and stop recording

2/4: Tech Details

The show is an audio-only podcast, over Zoom video conferencing.

Ideally we'll be able to see one another via web cam, but only the sound is used for the podcast.

When you book your interview time below, your confirmation email (and accompanying calendar item) will contain the correct Zoom URL you need to click to join the call.

We’ll connect on Zoom at the appointed time.

If you’ve never used Zoom before, it's wise to give yourself a few extra minutes. Zoom is similar to Skype but, I find, much more reliable.

For the best sound quality:

  • Be in a quiet place
  • Avoid a room with echo
  • Avoid hotel wifi
  • Silence your phone and any notifications, e.g. Skype
  • Ensure your Zoom audio preferences are set to use your headset/microphone (and not your computer's built-in microphone)
  • Turn off other applications that might be running on your computer
  • Ideally, try to use a headset with a built in mic
  • If you don’t have a good headset or mic now might be a good time to get one
  • I can recommend the MPOW headset, or the Blue Yeti microphone

Any other questions please contact us at support [at] robtyson.net.

3/4: Legal Stuff

By participating in the Growth Moves podcast, you agree to allow us to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner.

You also agree to allow us to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, videos, and in all other public distribution.

4/4: Schedule Your Interview Below

I'm really looking forward to our conversation!

Please use the scheduling tool below to choose a convenient date and time for the interview.

If none of the times work, please get in touch, letting me know when you are available, and we can work something out. Time-zone wise, I’m in London in the UK.


About your host, ROB TYSON...


I partner with authorities in marketing, sales and business growth to build successful, hands-off online training businesses, using my proprietary Revenue Logic™ methodology.

The best way to quickly understand how I work is to watch the video on the left, which is an interview with one of my clients, Hannah Martin.

I've spent the last 16 years creating, marketing and selling online programs, courses, membership websites and info products, with experience including:

  • Being part of a three-person front room start-up in Shoreditch, London that 5 years later hit approx. £5m ($8m) in annual revenue and a listing on the London stock market
  • Managing 13 different, paid membership services, catering to thousands of paying subscribers and generating in excess of £1 million in revenue
  • Generating £119,000 (approx. $150,000 at the time) in 6 days with a brand new online product, without any paid advertising or partners
  • Piloting a brand new program concept from scratch to £26,150 income in a couple of months, with no client base, list or partners, and just £2,000 ad spend

Campaign has listed me in the Top 20 UK Marketing and Advertising Influencers On Social Media. I'm a Microsoft Accredited Advertising Professional, a Sage Business Expert in Marketing, a former judge at the Website of the Year Awards, and I've spoken at venues including Google Campus and Twickenham Stadium. I live in London in the UK with my young family, but clients come from all over.

If you'd like to get to know my style of content a bit better between now and our conversation for the podcast, the best thing would be to opt in for the free sales copy Acid Test, and my regular emails, here.

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